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Welcome Brothers

Site Updated partially - More to come Under Construction_ Recovered Program

Jeffrey Trendel passing
The 2022 Annual/Meeting Golf Outing was again held in Winona, MN. in June.
A page of the attendees and information can be viewed in Golf Outing/2022 Golf

JDRF 2021 Golf Outing - " Chipping in for the Cure" golf outing will be held August 2, 2021.

Image Gallery is frequently updated, for updates and pictures.

New Pictures are found in Image Gallery - Menu Image Gallery\Alblum\PhotoAlblum

Any address, phone home or cell numbers, or email addresses should be forwarded to
Dave Schneck by phone or email so they maybe updated.

The Legacy UW Stout-Sigma Pi Alumni Stone Honoring Veterans has been placed in
Neilsville, WI. Menu/News/UW-Stout Sigma Pi Alumni Veterans Stone and Image Gallery/UW-Stout Sigma Pi Alumni Veterans Stone.

Jeff Trendel provided a great interesting 1967 group picture of the Brothers and has been scanned and added to the Image Gallery.

Obituaries of Brothers who passed, can be accessed in menu/Brothers Passed
Timothy Owen 3-24-2021
Jerrome Stoisolovich 3-8-2022
Nick C. Stoisolovich 2020

Jeffrey J. Trendel 12-19-2021
Gary E. Golbeck 4-22-2021
Ronald R. Brown 1-14-2019

Gerald "Gerry" Schneck 12-8-2020 Randall J. Wegener 9-25-2020
William C. John 3-1-2020
William A, Gehran 10-22-2019
Bernard D. Schmidt 7-7-2019
Cyril Pontillo 12/22/2018
Michael Stella 2-5-2016
Harold Halfin 3-17-2017
Kenneth Stangel passing 12-21-2016
Dennis Collins Herbert Solinsky 7-30-15
Bill Hintz 10-30-14
Pat Lazier
Paul Axelsen 4-28-2014
Jim Blaskovich 8-16-10
Wayne H. Walters 4-15-11
Perry Savage 3-31-10
Harold Halfin-Adviser

Alumni-Ned Biwer-1964 picture in Image Gallery\Alblum\Photo Gallery

A great picture of the Brothers from the class of 1970 is in the Image Gallery/Photo
Alblum/1970 Class.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund golf outing has been added to the news section
and Image Gallery.

Items from scrapbooks, yearbooks, memorbelia or other items would be valuable to add
to the web site or a DVD. Items can be returned to the source.

Any future activities being planned, past activities, information, or suggestions are
welcome and will improve the web site.
This web site is created for use of the Delta Sigma Brothers and is hoped you will enjoy.

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