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2009 Annual Meeting - Minutes
June 27, 2009

Meeting called to order at 10:22am by Ron Van Rooyen, President

Officers in attendance:

Ron Van Rooyen - President
Dean Mason - Treasurer
Bob Reinert - Secretary

President's Report
Ron Van Rooyen, President, spoke on our overall financial health and recommended that our group continue as a "For Profit" entity and discontinue our efforts to secure "Non-Profit status. This recommendation was made primarily due to the application and reporting requirements for establishing and maintaining this non-profit status.
Financial investments are performing poorly, as expected, given the current downturn in the market however, no immediate change in investment choices is suggested.

Treasurer's Report

Dean Mason reported the following:
o The Annual Meeting costs us an average of $3,500.00 /year.
o The Homecoming Meeting costs an average of $500.00 / year.
o Dean continues to monitor our endowments and scholarships at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
o Current balance in account as of May 31st is $ _

Secretary's Report

The 2010 Annual Meeting will be held over the fourth (4th) weekend in June (25th-27th), 2010 in Winona, MN. Brothers are requested to confirm their hotel reservations early as the rooms will only be held until 5/25/10.

Most brothers are comfortable with email notifications. Only two have requested to be mailed a hard copy of notifications.

17 brothers and 6 family members attended the Summer Event. The total cost of the event was approximately $4,000.00


The following items were also discussed at the meeting:
Contacting MIA's - David Schneck (Bear) has spent considerable time tracking down missing brothers. He has contacted many of those who were thought to be lost.

Brothers in the Twin Cities have been assisting the Sigma Pi (Iota-Zeta) Chapter. Dean Mason, Bob Reinert, Fran Netteberg and Tom Kane have volunteered time and money to assist this young group of Sigma Pi Brothers establish themselves on the University of Minnesota campus.

Discussion on other ways to provide scholarships to students at UW Stout.

The following motions were passed by the membership:

MOTION: Approval of Minutes from 2008 Annual Meeting. (MOTION PASSED)

MOTION: Keep the Annual Meeting on the fourth (4th) weekend in June. (MOTION PASSED)

MOTION: To retain current officers for another annual term. (MOTION PASSED)

MOTION: Invite Iota-Zeta Chapter members to Annual Event at their own cost.

MOTION: Due to rising costs, each attendee who is not a Delta-Sigma Chapter member or part of a brothers immediate family will be required to pay $100.00 to cover expenses for the weekend.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35am by Ron Van Rooyen, President

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