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Summer 2006 Annual Meeting - Minutes

The meeting will provide an update on our efforts to complete our transition to a non-profit corporate entity. Ron Van Rooyen, president, will speak on our progress to re-incorporate and the impact this change will have on our future operations.

At the 2006 Annual Meeting last summer, several motions were passed, and are listed below.

MOTION Authorize current officers to utilize the resources and funds necessary to create a new non-profit corporation as soon as possible (MOTION PASSED)

MOTION To name the newly created non-profit entity: SIG PI ALUMNI (MOTION PASSED)

MOTION To retain current officers for another annual term or until a new corporation is established and a new board is elected (MOTION PASSED)

MOTION To terminate our relationship with Attorney Brent Skinner and recoup the balance of funds provided to Brent for his services (MOTION PASSED)

Additional items:

Request to have the new corporate name (SIG PI ALUMNI) and the Greek letters Sigma Pi (??) included on new golf shirts for the Brothers

MOTION Proposed Amendment: To revise the name of the new non-profit entity to SIGMA PI ALUMNI FOUNDATION. (MOTION PASSED Pending ratification at the 2007 Annual Meeting).

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